Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cleaning and Frolicking

Well...Hello there.

So these two things go hand in hand; my cleaning up & organizing my sewing room and Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt. (Which starts on 11/22/19 - Black Friday)

I found out last year she does one every year the day after Thanksgiving. I didn't even consider last year as I think I have no scraps.  Well, did I ever find out that is so not true when I organized my fabrics. 
Look at all those scraps!  Do not look at the closet wall - that's from my daughter when she had this room. That will be painted later.

I was a good little organizer and folded all the scraps and put them in nice little neat colored piles.  (Sorry these are all pictures of the room in progress.)

I promised myself I would NOT start sewing until this room is finished.  (Which I'm still working on.)  And since I have this wild idea to start Bonnie Hunter's quilt. I have to get this room done!

I've emptied all the boxes and put all the fabric and notions away. UGH! What a job!

It's looking better just a little bit more to do before Thanksgiving weekend. 

This year Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt is called Frolic and she has posted the fabric requirements. 
I've been going through my scraps as I've been putting them away.

I'll pull them, change them to black and white to check the contrast. 
Then pull some out and put others in.

I think it's getting better - still work to do on it.

And all the while I'm thinking "this is crazy!  I don't need another project!  I don't need another quilt!  I haven't finished my other quilts!  What is wrong with me???"

So...anyone else a bit crazy too?

Now back to some more organizing - I have to move my sewing machine cabinet in.

Oh before I go, I have been working on my embroidery.

Happy Sewing,


  1. You will be so happy when you get all your scraps and your room organized! Now is the time to get rid of the fabrics you no longer love and to plan a new project. =) I will be watching for your Frolic updates! I am not joining so I will be living vicariously through you!

    1. I did get rid of lots of fabrics that I knew I would never use. It really has made me feel less burdened. It was sooo hard to bite the bullet and give them away. And every once in a while I have a twinge of regret - but I'm happy I did it.

  2. A quilt with the name of Frolic cannot be anything but fun. It's amazing what is uncovered when one cleans up a sewing room. Me thinks it is a little boring to have just one pretty on the go at one time. =)

  3. Of course you need another project - we all need a new project now and again! And what a great excuse to use those lovely fabrics. I have never done one of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts but have seen plenty in progress and they all look fantastic. Enjoy all that tidiness while it lasts and have fun. xx

  4. You know, I actually wish I had another room to move my "room" to. The kids have moved in and out so many times and each time I move my "room". The best is the back room that is 12 x 20 but now that is at the back of the house and makes me too isolated from Terry. So, I tread on in 10 x 11 and share sewing with "office". You are brave to start a project the day after Thanksgiving. The day after New Year would be a lot better for ME!

    Your room looks great. Let the frolicking begin.
    xx, Carol

  5. What happy looking flowers you are embroidering!!
    I don't have alot to organize--yet--somehow since I got here and unpacked I have lost my good spray bottle for the ironing--the expensive one I got on line for $10--I know it is here some-wheres--and I am sure it is in a logical place--though so far now that I want it --that 'Logical' place has not shown up!!!???

  6. I've never done one of Bonnie's mystery quilts, but I like following along with everyone's progress! It should be fun this year. Your stitchery is so pretty! I like the full daisy chain stitches for the petals! :)