Friday, September 6, 2019

Enjoying FNwF

While I was on vacation and being the Mother of the Bride,
I went to Estes Park to the Stitching Den.  Oh...what a lovely little shop

Now what are the chances of me going to a quaint little town and find a quilting shop? (Never happens.) AND Bruce wanting to go in with me? 

I bought this kit.  It is part of a row by row.  
They only had TWO left!
AND I love it and so did Bruce.  SCORE.

Then he found what he called "cute" fabric.  Oh Yeah.  I'm buying anything my husband calls cute!  

It is cute isn't it?

 He immediately had the idea to make some pillows for the motor home.  Sure!  I'll make anything as long as I get to buy fabric. 
And he found more.
I really had a great time buying fabric with him.  

So for FNSI I'm working on the row by row wall hanging kit. 
It has applique in it and this is the THIRD time I have bought Heat&Bond.  
I can never find my other packages. Hahaha

I'm also working on wildflower project at the same time.  
Just jumping from one to the other as the mood strikes me. 

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  1. Your husband did find some cute fabrics, didn't he. How fun! Loving your wildflower stitching.

  2. Your Hubby has a good eye for great fabrics...
    Enjoy making both your projects...

  3. Really cute fabrics! He does have good taste.

  4. Lots of "cute" fabric! :-)
    I like the look of your embroidery project,

  5. Hi Linda your hubby has good taste i love your new purchases.
    I am also your newest follower and i hope you will visit and follow me too.
    Your cut out animals look awesome,well done my friend xx

  6. So much beautiful fabric, wonderful your hubby chose lots too. Your animals look wonderful as does your embroidery. Enjoy your projects.

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