Friday, May 5, 2017


So this Friday Night  I have plans to cut out my little Bralette for sewing with

I asked at my local fabric store for stretch lace and they didn't have any. But we were not even looking in the right place.  We were not in the lace section.  So I bought this polyester lacey looking stuff.     
I thought it was so pretty.  I love the light pink. 
 And WhooHoo I even found stretchy lace elastic to go with it.

And on a different note:
My daughter gave me a picture of my grandchildren with the Easter Bunny.
(All you people that think I'm nice.  You are about to learn the truth!)
I DON'T like this picture I think it's CREEPY!

  I decide to try to creep out my other daughter with it.
First I put it on her bed.  Then she put in on my sewing machine.  (Good one Serena!)
So this morning I put it in front of her makeup in the bathroom. 
We'll see where it is when I get home. 

Have fun sewing, and if you have anything creepy please don't send it to me.

Linda - enjoying sewing with friends


  1. I am Shocked, Ms. Nicey Linda!! But I have to say, that is a pretty creepy bunny. Can't wait to see your FNWF results!

  2. Yep I agree it isn't a gorgeous photo of that bunny.
    Where did Serenade put it? 😂
    Your FnWFs project looks interesting.

  3. I hope you made it to FNwF.
    Thanks for stopping by if you did... xox

  4. beautiful lace fabric, and you are so funny with the bunny pic! Let us know where it showed up next! :-D Hugs, H

  5. Ha ha ha...sometime you just have to laugh! x

  6. The pink lace is so pretty - that is going to be one fancy bralette. Much prettier than the creepy bunny...

  7. Your FnwF project looks intriguing - and that bunny looks a little scary! x

  8. ROFL - oh my gosh, I'm the SAME WAY when it comes to Easter Bunny pics!!! And the kids always look creeped out too. You two are a hoot, passing that back and forth....
    Love the pretty pink lace.

  9. What is it about Easter Bunny costumes that make them so creepy (as you say). I have to agree with you. I'd have a hard time putting that where I could see it often even with my grandchildren in it.