Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Little Sewing and This & That

Yes, I did get my bralette cut out.  No, I did not sew it up yet.
I've been very busy spraying weeds in the south 40.  Which by the way I measured and it's 150 ft by 80.  So that's a lot of square feet. 

Remember the creepy bunny picture?  Well, the last straw was early in the morning,  I was half asleep getting in my car to go to work and THERE IS WAS!  Yikes!  
It scared me so bad.  
I told Serena Enough!  She was the winner.  

My flowers in my yard are blooming and looking so pretty.  

They are doing their best to make life more enjoyable. 

As is Marzipan.  She loves sleeping (or resting) on top of her raccoon.

And lastly, Serena made these soaps today.  Aren't they cool?
Oh and that is Cosmo - the fish Angela gave me for Mother's Day.  Serena is teaching him tricks.  (Sounds crazy right?  But she is.)

Okay - that's all I have for today.
Happy Stitching,
Linda - enjoying the silly things in life. 


  1. Your flower pictures are gorgeous with the pool in the the background! I want to see a video when the fish is trained. Glad you're able to enjoy the little things in life, Ms. Nicey!!

  2. LOL yes I agree with Sunn, a video of fish tricks would be fun....😂

  3. ROFL - congrats to the winner! Oh that is a hoot. Your yard is just stunning, girl, I want to dive right in [and I don't swim, lol]! Marzipan is adorable. I do love Serena's soaps, they look good enough to eat - and I too want to see a video of fish tricks!!!!