Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Night Sew In - Quilting Design & Crocheting

Friday is finding me paying bills AND working on my quilting.

I'm just doodling for now and then later this evening I'll start quilting. I'm thinking I like this design. I saw something like this on Pinterest.

This is such a stress reliever - and really lets face it, paying bills can lead to either crying or quilting.  Right?   Or better yet - to praying.   

My other project that's a stress reducer is crocheting.  I've been having fun just practicing.  I'll use this a a dishcloth.  My sister, Connie is the one that got me stated on it, she told me to use 100% cotton.  

I like the colors, it goes well in my kitchen. 

So, hopefully I'll be back later with some quilting done on fabric.

Happy Friday,



  1. I'm happy to be stitching along with you for FNSI! I love your quilting pattern If you're that good, I'm going to start sending my quilts to you!! :-) Along with some bills, if you'd like more..

  2. Ouch....bills....they just seem to always find their way to the postbox, don't they. Love that trailing quilting design, Linda. That dishcloth is very pretty, love the colours of the cotton.

  3. Pray helps everything. I love the quilting design!

  4. Pretty quilting design. I also find crocheting dishcloths stress relieving.

  5. Love your quilt pattern design and the....dishcloth is gorgeous, beautiful colours.

  6. Looking so pretty! Nice colours ♥

  7. Your quilt pattern is lovely, well done on the dish cloth, love the colours.