Thursday, October 20, 2016

Quilting and Rambling

First my quilting - practice work for Angela's quilt.  For not quilting in months - it's okay.  A little more practice and I'll start on the real quilt. 
I wasn't looking for perfection - just smoothness so that my stitches would be even.  

I do not like dogs in my bed - but Neptune has slept with Serena for 12 years - so she's sleeping with me while Serena's at missionary school.

Which means Marzipan is there too - she's a kick in the pants!

 And she brings her bones too!  YUCK
(yeah, she's looking a little "ruff" and could use a nice doggie trim)

Connie left on the Monday 10/10/16.  They were out here for seven weeks.  Now that she has left I have NO Excuses for not getting some sewing finished.  

Have fun working your projects!


  1. So get off the computer and stop procrastinating! LOL!.. Your quilting looks pretty good to me, I'd say you're ready to jump right in. Here's hoping the good days outweigh the bad days.

  2. You are very kind to share your bed with your furry friends. =) I think your quilting is looking splendid. Look forward to seeing your quilting on the quilt.

  3. I agree with Sunny and Kim, your quilting looks great.
    Lucky furry friends to be allowed to share your bed...
    Hmm! Marzipan could do with a trim..