Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday Happiness - Midnight Mystery, Star Quilt & a Funny

Remember those little cartons?  
Happiness is love, etc.

Well, for me Happiness is completed Flying Geese &
Square in a Square for the Midnight Mystery.

I still need to trim the SiaS - and I found two blocks where the directional center block is going the wrong way.  Hmmm....I thought I was so careful.  That's an easy fix.  Then I'll be on to October's Clue.

Also - I unsewed (grrr...) and switch around the blocks in Angela's Star Quilt. 

I think is looks better - more balanced. 

And I did some thinking about the design.  (For me that's the hard part.)
I'm thinking after I put on another small black border of doing SiaS (using all the different colors as the centers surrounded by black - so they look like diamond shapes) as the next border around this quilt.   Any ideas?

I asked my daughter (the non-quilter) what she liked for the border and she said she really didn't care for flying geese - well isn't that interesting?  She actually knew what they were!

Now for a little funny.
Several years ago I tried a new recipe from a cookbook.  It was NOT good.
My daughter, the one that is getting the Star Quilt, ran over and drew this next to the recipe.

A picture is worth a thousand words!
We didn't get sick and No - I never made that recipe again.  

Happy Stitching,

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  1. BAHAHA, your daughter cracks me up! She sounds much like my girls, not afraid to speak their mind! Oh how I love her (your) star quilt!!!! I've wanted to do Feathered Stars (have the book) for years, but have still I see your centre, it makes me want to pull that book out and do one on black--delish! Love your mystery SiaS--working on! (since I got sidetracked yesterday...)

  2. Your Star quilt is really beautiful. Gotta love flying geese......

  3. These are very nice fabrics that you are using.

  4. I guess your daughter told you straight out what she thought of that recipe. Love your Midnight Mystery blocks. I'm participating in that also. It is so fun to do mystery quilts. Your star quilt is gorgeous.

  5. I think your idea for the next border for your star quilt (which is just gorgeous, by the way!), is a great idea. And your daughter's cartoon and caption to it is just rich!! I'll bet she's a hoot to have around!! :-) Have a great day! Hugs, H

  6. I think this the the thrid blog that I've seen the Midnight Mystery quilt in progress... mighty brave of people to work on a quilt that you don't know what it looks like in the end! It's great to see so many takes on the same quilt.

    Somehow with rearranging your blocks, the colors even look different. I like your latest arrangement... well, in my mind, you can never go wrong with pinks and purples!

  7. Oh my goodness your quilts are gorgeous and stunning! Angela's star quilt shines like the milky way. Love your work.