Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Silly Stories, My Echo Quilting & More Fabric

I have a little funny to tell you.  
My hubby and I were about to walk over to this Carl's Jr for lunch.
We were stopped my a "homeless?" man asking for money for a burger at McDonald's. 

So my hubby handed him the change in his pocket - it wasn't very much. Not enough for a burger.

The guy looked at it - said he didn't want it and THREW it at us!

YOU:  Really??
ME: Yes!! I was so SHOCKED!

Oh my!  I just had to laugh.  That was so funny.  I suppose if he had earned the change - instead of begging for it, then he would appreciate it more.

So we picked up our change and went to lunch.  

In sewing news - 
 I've made my first attempt at free-motion quilting on my new machine.  I'm not happy with the results.  But that's okay.  I just need practice.
The echoing is all free-motion.  

And I've been shopping! 
I went to a discount fabric store and bought fabric for blouses.
I'm really anxious to start sewing the pink little flowers. I guess I'm in a pink mood.

I do have one more little funny to tell you.

This morning I went round and round with Mark about whether it was Tuesday or Thursday.  I think it’s Tuesday and he insists it’s Thursday.  Hey, I was willing to compromise at Wednesday, but NO he still insists it’s Thursday.

Well, whatever day this is, have fun!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I think your FMQ looks great! Are those turtles? :-) Our friends offered to take someone panhandling into the fast food place to buy him lunch and he refused--he wanted the cash. Makes you wonder... Love your fabric finds!

  2. Don't you just hate it when DH is right? Fortunately, it doesn't happen often. Does your machine allow you to set a speed limit? Your may need to play around with the speed, but from what I can see, your echoing looks great!! And don't you have In 'n Out??????

  3. I had a panhandler ask me for money years ago, and when I told him it was my last twenty and I had to buy food for my kids he offered me money? I thought it was nice, but if he had money to give, why was he still begging?
    Linda, my mini horse is MINI Of all things! LOL. We have added to our herd by two more mini's and another regular sized horse. WE are up to seven now!