Friday, July 10, 2015

Happiness is Seeing Some Progress

I've been working on the dish towels.
This is just a nice little "extra" to put in with their wedding gift. 

I'm still working on this one.  Their last name is Wolf. 
This will say:  
Est. 2015
I  still have to finish off the edges of the towels. 
I may make a little fabric binding or maybe machine hem and then do a blanket stitch in dark grey embroidery thread.
I like the idea of a hem and blanket stitch.  But that would take more time. 
And I'm determined to finish this up over the weekend.  

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. It's looking good! are you going to do a rolled hem on them? Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  2. Beautiful towels - a lovely and thoughtful gift Linda.

  3. Looking good! A great gift idea.

  4. You do really beautiful hand stitching Linda! Is the script your own? It's lovely!
    What is the story behind your signature line "Nicey Linda"