Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January's Civil War Finish - Drop and Give Me Twenty

I was so excited to when I finished the borders on this quilt.  And in time to take it to my Friendship Group.  
I love this quilt - I'm excited because I sort of designed it.  You know, except for the blocks that I got from Barbara's Civil War Block of the Week, and stealing the Irish Chain idea, and stealing the light and dark courthouse steps, and stealing the idea of a flowered border and then stealing the Rose of Sharon flower.  Hahaha!  But they were all on different quilts and all together (along with my choices for the fabrics) it makes it MY quilt. 

So next step is to quilt it, but I'm going to work on a Ryan McKenna wall hanging next.  

This is February.  Are you aware that Quilting Hottie Haven's Drop and Give Me Twenty is going on?

This is my official notice that I'm joining Miss Hottie since I love to see finished quilts. I Promise to quilt every day I can. And on those days that I can't (taking a machine to Kauai just isn't going to work) I'll think about quilting, or plan quilts or look at nature to get ideas.  And be thankful that God has given me such a wonderful hobby with such sweet online friends. 

Thanks Miss Quilting Hottie for encouraging us to quilt for 20 minutes a day.  You are so clever to have started this!

Happy February Stitching for a least 20 minutes,


  1. That is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, it's your quilt, you had the idea to put all that together and make something stunning. Well done!!!!

  2. That's how designs happen. Almost nothing is a COMPLETELY original design; we all take bits and pieces of ideas and add our own flair. Glad to have you back for DAGMT!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous combo that makes this your CW quilt. Well done Linda! Make fun with DaGMT, great idea!

  4. Love your quilt, and I REALLY love your "stealing" all your ideas!! :-) but you put it all together yourself and that really does make it your own!! So many pattern makers just take old blocks and make them in new fabrics, so I think yours is really creative!! Great job, and I hope you post a pic when it is quilted! Hugs, H in Healdsburg