Friday, June 20, 2014

Working on those vines... and a funny.

I'm stilling working on my table topper.
I have all the flower appliqued down and now I'm working on the fun part.
Those swirly green vines. 
I'm going over each line twice to give it more color and a better appearance.
And Now the Funny
My daughter was at the park today and sent me this picture with the caption:
Maybe they forgot how to play.
Just too cute. 
Happy Stitching and enjoy your weekend,


  1. Your applique is looking great! And it's sad that children are so plugged in these days that they don't remember how to play.

  2. My reaction, too, funny but a little sad.

  3. Funny and sad, all at the same time.

    As for your appliqué? It's wonderful! I admire work such as yours.

  4. That picture really sums up the kids of today doesn't it? Sad really when you think of what they are missing out on by being hooked up to their techno-toys all the time.