Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waterfall #1

Me and Mark
Big Sur is right on the coast line and has these wonderful Redwoods.  They are so huge and beautiful. Can you see some in the background? Those are small ones. Redwoods get big enough to drive a small car through.

So off we go (Mark and I) and my sister, Cindy, and her husband Brian.  We were told it was 1/4 mile up and 1/4 mile across to this Pfeffer waterfall.  Easy Peasy, Right?

It was a nice walk - at first - with such pretty scenery.

Such pretty clover and flowers.

And irises - Hey I have those in my backyard!

But I don't have this in my backyard - this is poison oak.  Stay away for that stuff!!!

It turned out to be a very strenuous all UP HILL Hike!   We were panting and ready for a rest by the time we stopped. But we all LOVED it.  It was fun and we saw a snake, lizards with bright blue tails and tons of flowers.  The waterfall (and end of the hike) was a welcome sight - Sorry the picture is rather dark - there were deep shadows from the redwoods around us.  It was cool and peaceful.

I have a better waterfall to show you later.

Happy Hiker Linda


  1. How ptty! I've always wanted to visit that area of the country. A few years ago, we were in southern CA, but still need to come back for the northern portion. In the meantime, thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. Love the redwoods! Beautiful hike. Makes me pine for the coast!

  3. It's beautiful. Looks like you are having a great time. How nice to have such beautiful stuff close by you.

  4. I love to go on nature walks...and to hear the sound of running water is very delightful!! It looks you both had a great time!! Hugs

  5. Thanks very much for sharing how beautiful it is there in California.