Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gettin' it Done

I've been working on my Kick in the Pants quilt. 
Yay!!  I'm having a good time with it.
What happened to this picture? - not very good quality. It must be because I took it at night
I did sew all the rows together, added the little yellow flange and I've sewn on two of the borders.

This is a close of the border print.

Where I live roses grow super well.
So I have lots of different rose bushes around my house.
I thought I would show you my one of my favorites.
I've loved roses with a blend of orange & yellow since I was in High School.
I planted it front and center in my back yard - so I see it as soon as I walk in my house and from the dining room and kitchen. 

Now check out this rose bush. It's a Jackson-Perkins Rose.
Do you see that it is a blend of pink and white. The plant is about 7 years old.
And this is the first year it has produced two colored flowers. Previously they were solid pink.

This is another favorite of mine. I love the many ruffles of petals this rose has.

And this one I consider my birthday flower. At our old house this plant would bloom each year on my birthday.  How cool is that?  At the house I'm in now it starts blooming a couple weeks before my birthday, but I still consider it my birthday flower. 

Last year I planted sweet peas.  Oh I love that they reseed themselves and I have flowers again this year with no effort on my part.  

Even though I'm late, I'm going to link up with Sandra Kaye and her Get-em-Done Link Party.
Have you met Sandra Kaye yet?  She's a girl that loves color! And I enjoy her blog, there is always something fun and inspiring over there.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. Your quilt's looking good, NL! :o) And the roses are gorgeous. I have such a brown thumb it's not even funny, so any flower that reseeds itself and grows back on it's own, is a winner in my book! :o) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Fantastic quilt! And such beautiful flowers. We have a rambling rose bush that is taking over an entire back yard. I've been trying to kill it for years, but it just grows and grows. No flowers as pretty as yours, though!

  3. Your quilt is looking great - love the new name - Kick in The Pants sounds a lot more fun than Eternity!! The substituted fabric is unnoticeable. Love all your roses and Sweet Peas - both are one of my favourite flowers.

  4. You are just to SWEET Linda!!! Thank you for the shout out!! I am a happy follower of you as well. You inspire me too!! Thanks for showing your quilt!! You are doing a great job!! And the roses...... oh my!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! I am so jealous...I may be a color girl..but I was born with 2 brown thumbs!. I kill plactic plants :):) giggle :):) Hugs, Sweets....Sandie

  5. The yellow really added a pop! Can't wait to see it finished.

  6. The quilt is gorgeous! Really like that pop of yellow. And your roses...oh my so grandmother loved roses and my grandfather planted them all over the yard, she was blind so he would pick them all summer long and bring her bouquets. At least she could still smell them!

  7. Nice quilt...I really like the sashing how it has kind of a twisting frame around the block. And your roses are simply gorgeous! I can't grow anything so I'm in awe and jealous and LOVE the Jackson-Perkins rose. Sweet!

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous - love the colours! And the roses are beautiful! :)

  9. I love your flowers. Wish I was better at growing them. Love the quilt you're working on! Wow, what progress you are making!

  10. Just a possible FYI - I believe the new flower color may mean that it is growing from the root stock rather than the graft (the original pink?. Frequently different roses are grafted onto a different rose's root stock because it is faster. This happened to me with a tree peony and the root stock took over so my shrub went from peach flowers to white. But the pink and white is pretty so I may be wrong. If you don't want it to change you have to make sure nothing grows from below the graft.