Friday, April 27, 2012


My normal blogging has been interrupted - as we set off as happy little campers up Hwy 1.
For those of you that don't know, Hwy 1 is a winding, switch back kind of road. The scenery is beautiful as the highway runs along the California's coast.   (Did I mention the switch backs? Yeah, I think that is all there is on this highway. I personally think it's fun to drive. Even pulling the trailer.)

We camped in Big Sur with my two sisters and their husbands.

Here's my Markie Poo getting into the trailer.  He is fun to go camping with.

I love the crisp cool air and the wildflowers that are all over.
Life is so peaceful when we are camping enjoying nature.

More pictures later!

Happy Camper, Linda


  1. Wow, so beautiful! I lived in Temecula when I was in the Navy and loved traveling all over southern California for precisely that reason. When I got married, we eloped to Santa Barbara and spent a week driving the coast for our honeymoon.

  2. looks like a lovely place to be - gorgeous scenery. Enjoy your trip!

  3. So glad you are off having such a good time. What a beautiful spot you have to visit! It's fun when your partner is a god traveling companion!

  4. I've been on HWY 1 many times and can attest to the unending switch backs (but I don't particularly enjoy driving it). It is gorgeous though! Makes me want to head over to Pacific Grove this weekend...missing that ocean! Sounds like you're having a great little getaway.

  5. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous, enjoy your trip!

  6. What beautiful scenery! I'm glad you're having fun. Hope to see more pictures later.

  7. So so jealous - enjoy yourself!

  8. hey nice pictures...its true nature..i can feel the pure air in the pictures.....

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