Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Goals - I'm so ready to do these!

Hey, now that it's half way through the month I think it's time to post some March goals.

Okay so first up is:

One of the following:  Scarlett's dress or that bag holder.  Can you tell I have no interest in really completing either one of these tasks.  Since they have been on the list since Sept? I figure I'll try to get only one finished.

Rosanna's Birthday present - which I have not bought the fabric for. She's been wanting pillowcases for years now.  I've been a rotten mom, depriving her of some homemade pillowcases!  Since her birthday is coming up this would be a good thing to get her.

Then I have what's in my black little bag.  I take this to work with me everyday, hoping I'll work on what's inside.

And inside I have the making for Pat Sloan's Mystery quilt.  Here's the fabrics for the March's project the boat.  So making the boat is on my list for March.

I worked on the boat last night and have the pieces cut out.  Now to get them on the background.

And next on my list is the Watercolor Star.  I've changed the border on this already. I need to piece the backing and get it quilted.

And I do have a finish for March already my sister's quilt!!  Yea!!!

Okay that's enough. It's off to work I go.

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  1. You're making some good progress. Good job! Like the little boat!