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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another thing to do when not quilting.....

Good Morning all my quilty friends!

My quilty friend Sunny often posts the most beautiful pictures of her walks.   When I see them I so wish I could walk in the woods.  However, this is where I really get to walk - on a sidewalk, with grass and trees. So.... maybe not as exciting as Sunny's but not bad.

Part of the year, before the foxtails are dry, we walk near the railroad tracks - I just love it there. There's a nice dirt trail, and we see rabbits and hawks. 

I can let the dogs loose; they love running wild and free.  They sniff and leap and chase birds.

Yep, life is good when you are walking.


  1. Hi - quilty friend Sunny here! You walk looks quite lovely. At this time of year, just the beauty of being outdoors is wonderful! I'm stuck in an office with a lovely view of the parking lot right now!

  2. Looks like a great walk! I need to do some of that, too!