Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Finally, after months

of wedding, moving and cleaning, I have time to think about sewing and crafting.

It sort of sneaks in here and there. Usually right before I fall asleep.  Just a little thought about colors, blocks or a quilting design.

Before I went to China I gathered up a couple fabrics and threads. I found this cutest little container at Joann's.  Little enough to go in my suitcase or purse. 
 I thought I could work on this while on the bus tour.  I asked my daughter to outline a hedgehog for my youngest girl. (I got the idea from someone on pinterest - I want to give credit where it is due - but I don't know her name and can't find the pin again.)

I only did the nose while on the trip.  Hahaha

But last night I actually felt relaxed enough to work on it.
Didn't get far but that's okay. 
So far he looks a little silly. 
Of course if I said he was a she, then she's looking fine.

In other crafty news - check this out. 
I was waiting for my friend at the restaurant and this image was on the ketchup bottle. I couldn't believe I could do this.
This is my first attempt - all without lifting my pen.
Okay - we can say she not fine - rather homely - but at least the proportions are fairly correct.

Happy Stitching, 
Non-sewing Linda


  1. You are such an artiste! I think it looks pretty good. I always take a small hand project when we travel, and it seldom comes out of the suitcase. There's always so much to do! Are you getting settled back into married life?

  2. Love your drawing, Linda and as for the sounds adorable.