Friday, April 7, 2017

Erik's quilt and my yard - plus Lily & Marzipan

My goal last weekend was to work on Erik's quilt. 
He is such a sweet man, so funny and smart.  I really admire him. He also tells the best stories about coming over from Sweden and makes everyone laugh. 
He married my mom but because they live in a different state, I haven't gotten to know him very well until recently. 
I do know that he will like this panel - and be very appreciative.

So I started ....
by sewing fabric around the blocks. 

And then - of my gosh Foxtails got in the way!

I realized I had to clean up my yard.  That damn gardener  wanted to charge me $400.00 to weed wack them. 
Wait - here's a picture.
It does look bad doesn't it?  It's 100 feet to the end of the property.
Not having $400, I started weed wacking them myself. 
And in the meanwhile I called a guy off Craig's list.  Now that's scary. You never know who will show up!

A nice guy named Joe came out (with his buddy) and cut them all down in 2 hours!!!  

2 guys for 2 hours equals 4 hours!

Which means that damn gardener wanted $100 an hour!!

And Joe only charged me $60 to do the whole yard.  Which is about what I usually pay.
So guess who's looking for a new gardener?

And then I got back to work on Erik's quilt.

And for your viewing enjoyment:

Lily and Marzipan sitting on the couch together.
Hahaha - aren't they cute together? And where did that dog learn to sit?

Happy Stitching,
Linda - enjoying the little things in life. 


  1. I believe you got a real good deal from a couple honest hardworking men for the day--
    and that quilt and the person you are making it for look charming!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. Lily is a doll! Next year, give me a call - I'll do the gardening for $100/hour! I might even give you the friend discount and do it for $90. THe quilt looks lovely, and I'm sure it will be very much appreciated.

  3. The blocks on Erik's quilt look wonderful with the borders. Doesn't your yard look great now. Goodness me, the things people try to get away with. How lovely you have found an honest and great new gardener. Your Lily is adorable; sweet pup, too. May you have a lovely day enjoying many little things, Linda.

  4. Glad Craigslist worked out well! Your yard looks lovely (although is it wrong I quite enjoyed it with all the weeds too?). Erik's quilt blocks look great - can't wait to see it progress x