Monday, November 14, 2016

Quilting under the Full Moon

Full Moon - this picture was taken late evening.  
The moon is just so bright it almost looks like the sun.
I love the way it's reflected in the water too.
I didn't stay out there too long.  I had to get inside to quilt!

The first step is thread.  I bought this pretty pink.

And have I told you lately how much I LOVE Janey Mae?
Mark insisted that I get this table when we bought the machine. 
Thank you Mark, I never would have bought it and it makes life so much easier.
I can take a blank block like this...
smooth it out and mark it 
on that clear table and then quilt it.
That table really helps with the drag on the queen size quilt too. 
I don't have the picture - but I did finish this block on Sunday.  (Yay!)

In other news I have before and after pictures of Miss Marzipan.

And here she is with her cute little bows - which only lasted one day.  Hahaha
She is sooo sooo soft!  She feels just like minky.  
I was thinking of making a Christmas Minky pillow, however, with her around I really don't need one.  hahaha

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. You and Janey Mae work well together! I didn't buy the extension table for my machine when I bought it, because I was too cheap. Little Marzipan looks adorable with her new Do. We had to enjoy our moon last night because it's full cloud cover tonight. You got a great shot with the water!!

  2. Your quilting on that quilt is wonderful and puprple is my favorite color, so I like it a LOT! Along with Little Miss Marzipan, it looks like you are dancing a happy dance around your house.

  3. Great quilt! My favorite color too.
    Miss Marzipan is adorable. She looks so good after her beauty parlor treatment! Love the bows too.
    I tried to get pictures of the moon last night, but they came out fuzzy. It's funny too, because last year when I was taking pictures I had to hold the camera and steady it the best I could. This time I had a tripod to hold the camera. My last year's pictures turned out great, not so much this time!

  4. The Super Moon looked great at our place in Aussie too. Lovely photo of therefection in the pool.
    Yes the big clear table does really help with sewing/quilting. Your quilting looks great.
    Miss M does look sew cute with her soft do...

  5. Miss marzipan looks like a star! So classy!!