Friday, July 29, 2016

Our Oregon Trip

Well, I see it's been a while since I've come here to write.  I took a week off to go visit my mom up in Oregon.  
Rosanna, Mom - in the center, and Angela
Taken a couple years ago. 
I knew that she was not doing that well since her stroke in April.  But I didn't know she would die the week I was there.  
How sad is that?  
But then I have to look at the big picture and praise God that he mercifully took her. 
Bird Bath at Mom's house. 

It was so fun to see her.  She couldn't speak loud enough for me to hear her but I was able to kiss her face and tell her I loved her and what a wonderful Mom she was to me.  She smiled so big when her granddaughters were in the room with her.  She loved her granddaughters.  And Serena made her laugh when she prayed and thanked God for giving her a "loud Grandma".   

I will always treasure my last visits with Mom.  She just the best thing since sliced bread.  But I bet she was older than sliced bread.  Wait here - I'll look it up.    It came out in 1928 and mom was born in the 30s.   So she is the best thing since sliced bread!

While we were there - we did a lot of visiting with Erik.  He's such a cool guy.  They have been married about 30 years.
Major Visiting going on here - Erik, Me, and my daughters, Serena and Angela.

Here's a funny that happened to us.  Using the GPS on her phone, we tried to find the Skate Park. (My daughter Serena wanted to skateboard - since they have a different style of parks there than we have.)  Well, it took us to the center of a Freeway overpass!  


And then it occurred to Serena - the Park was directly UNDER the overpass!
See?  Right under the freeway!!

Serena  - doing her thing - Skating!

See how they painted murals on the support columns to the freeway.
Rosanna - hanging out watching Serena skate
Way Cool, Right?

Hospice was great!  They really took great care of my Mom, making her more comfortable.  They also brought in a little bed quilt.
I'm sure it came from the local quilt guild or one of the local churches. It totally transformed the room, bringing life and color into it. And making the place more homey.  

Another funny thing that happened to us was Angela cracked an egg to cook for Rosanna.  Check this out.

Doesn't that look like a dove?

How about now? 
We thought that was so cool.  
Especially since birds are one of my Mom's favorites.

We did take some time to go antique shopping.

 Sometimes I just enjoy wandering these places.  

There's also the Skinner House 

 Check out those stairs!  Such a cool house.  

 This is all we were able to see of it.  It was closed at 1:00 and we happened across it at 1:03.  But we still enjoyed the hike up to it!

So that about wraps it up for this post.

Hope to see you next week!


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss! Your mom was probably just waiting to see you and your girls one last time before she went to rest. Bless her heart. My grandmother did that. It took a while for the whole family to get to see her, because everyone was spread out near and far. But we got there and when the last cousin came, my grandmother visited as best she could went to sleep and that was it, she was at peace.
    It looks like you had a good visit, and your girls seemed to have a good time.
    Now I need to go wipe my tears...

  2. I'm in Oregon right no w, helping my mom sell my Grandma's house. (Grandma is approaching 100 and is now in a care facility.) Your post hit a little close to home. I'm sorry for your loss.

    That egg looks a lot like a dove! What a tender mercy!

  3. How lovely you and your girls were able to visit your mom one more time and say goodbye and all the important things that are spoken at these times, before she passed. Your mom does sound lovely. That egg is very cool. How incredible it has the shape of a dove. Sending you and your girls many a hug. Xx

  4. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness - oh hon I am SO sorry - thank heavens you were able to spend time with her. Sending big hugs and lots of prayers.

  5. Oh my, you have not had a good year. So wonderful that you and your girls were all able to spend time with your mom during her last days. Sweet family memories were made despite the sadness. How often do you have all the girls together? And yes, definitely a dove!! Hugs and prayers.

  6. Sorry to read of your loss Linda.. It was lovely the girls and you were able to spend time with Mum.
    The egg is amazing...

  7. Goodness Linda, so much for your heart & soul to process! I'm sorry to read of your Mum's passing, sounds like she was a great lady & has created a wonderful family & lagacy. They are great family pics to treasure. That egg is just incredible!