Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Night with Friends

Yes!!  I sewed that border on again (this is the third time) and it is much better.   It is not perfect but I can work with this.
That's it for me tonight. Tomorrow I'll start the next border. It's been fun sewing with friends. 

Happy Friday Night Stitching,


  1. Looks good.. Bet you are pleased with it now.
    Love your header photo.

  2. It is beautiful...So very rich and elegant.

  3. It looks great! What a beautiful quilt. Now on to the next step. :-)

  4. Seems you have had a struggle with that one - glad its all sorted now...(is it measure twice and sew once???...LOL)
    I love the colours in that quilt - very striking.

  5. Gosh! You are patient to have removed the border for the third time-- I would have given up after the first. The quilt looks lovely. The centre block in particular, is beautiful.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a message. I tried replying from my site-- but it just would not allow me to! So rather than pull my hair out trying to work out why, I thought I would leave a message here. Look forward to seeing more blog posts.

  6. Linda, what I see here looks like you got it perfect. It's a gorgeous combination of blocks and fabrics!

  7. It does look quite perfect. Did you do anything particular to fix it? Lovely quilt.