Friday, November 13, 2015

Chain of Squares Border

I've been working on my quilt - just not in a way that you can see.
First I went looking for a border.

I have Judy Martin's book Pieced Borders
She has TONS of them in this book.
So many different combinations and all the sizes you need for any size block. 

I bought this book years ago - this is my first time using it.
Right now I'm thinking just a simple chain of squares.
Here are some of my border ponderings.
I considered using a black on black print - or maybe another little border.

So...I took paper - I didn't want to use fabric just yet.

I sewed up a one -  I was a little confused by the instructions.  
I'm not going to blame her - I read the instructions and then two weeks later decide on which border and forgot how to sew it up.

I sewed it up as a square in a square - 
 huh - that didn't work. Not with Judy's triangle measurements.

Reread the instructions and saw that they are sewed up like this.
Oh now that makes more sense.

Okay so that is my goal for the weekend - sew up those puppies!
Okay - first I have to cut the fabrics - then sew them up.

Happy Weekend Stitching,


  1. Have fun - it's going to look great!!

  2. That is a great book. It was recommended to me years ago and I love that the math is all figured out for you. Your quilt is gorgeous so far-- keep up the good work.

  3. Oh my, aren't you ambitious?? It's looking very pretty.

  4. I think you have a good plan: it looks beautiful, and I really like the little purple flange/piping that you inserted right next to the chain of squares: beautiful touch!!

  5. I've heard about Judy's book! Looks like one I would like to have!!

    Interesting note - your profile picture I had never seen before, but I just ordered some playing cards with the same picture! Love it!