Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's New! It's Exciting! I Finally did it!

With the help of my hubby and lots of nagging er... encouragement from Sunny of Quilting Dreams, I finally bought a new Sewing Machine.

Here's my new love!  
Janome Skyline S5

I got up on Saturday morning and tried one more time to make up with my Babylock.  But she would have nothing to do with it.  There is just no way I can work with a machine that doesn't allow me to adjust the stitch type or re-set the length/width. I knew Sunny was right - I had to go buy a machine.

Well, I had spoken with Al's Sewing and Vacuum in Lancaster, Ca. previously and he had taken his time with me and explained the various machines over the phone.  We decided to drive to his place.  I'm so happy we went there.
I felt they were a fair and honest, Mom & Pop store.  Sue (the wife) sat down with me for over an hour going over the machine - telling me little hints and tricks.  I so appreciated all her info and the patience she had.  She was totally charming.

Do you mind if I gush over her just a bit?
Some of the features that I love on right on the front of the machine.
It also has a knee lift.  (I haven't used it yet) 

And best of all is the SMOOTH operation - especially the free motion quilting. I LOVE how easy it is.  No fuss, No muss. 
This was my first attempt of quilting on her at home - not the best design - but, those stitches are pretty smooth and nice.  And the back looks just as nice.

 I was going to say it has 101 stitches - but then I looked it up and it actually has 170! 

Now - I know people name their machines I haven't
named inanimate objects before.

I think I should start now - What do you think would be a good name?

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. I am excited for you! I am dreaming of a new machine myself, but I really don't need one. I would like to get the newer model of my Juki.

    Enjoy your new baby!

  2. Yippee! And I am NOT a nag! Well, my DH might disagree with that. I'm so glad you went to a different store and had a great experience. I do name things, but I'm not very creative. I'd probably give her (is it a her?) a J name. Jan, Jane, Juliette. Have fun!!!!!!!