Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 Reasons Why I have SO Many Projects

I realized I have just too many projects going at once. Hey - don't even give me that look - because the one thing I know about quilters is - most of you are in the same boat.

The projects I am currently working will illustrate my reasons.

Reason/excuse #1:  
Project was started years ago when I saw a pattern I liked, thinking I'll just do one block a month.
You and I know that's not really going to work (one block a month unless I'm in a class or online group) and now I'm sitting here with a half the blocks done. The other half in progress.

Reason/excuse #2
I felt I needed some hand work for when I'm sitting and watching TV.
You know, I wouldn't want to sit and do nothing - nor would I want to find something I already had in my closet.  So a new project was started.
The good thing is - I'm not in a hurry to finish.  And eventually it will get done.  Right ?  That is what we tell ourselves.

Reason/excuse #3
Oh My Gosh - Nephew is getting married and I have to give them something special (beside the cash gift) and wouldn't these dish towels be awesome?
That wedding is in early July so I have to start on them right away.

Reason/excuse #4
Okay no way could I resist this wall hanging while on vacation.
My reasoning is if I finish it up quickly, it doesn't count as a project.  (It's been hanging around now for 4 months.  That's not quick.)

Reason/excuse #5  
It's so easy.  It won't take any time at all.
My daughter had the cutest little blouse.  I can sew - so I'll make another one for her out of this cute/super adorable fabric.  This project has been planned for two summers. 

I'm sure I could go on and on.  What are some of your reasons for so many projects?

Happy Stitching,

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  1. I have to say I'll be honest: I have ADD and I know it!! :-D When you get something for a new project, don't you just HAVE to try out one block and see how it looks?!! And 5; well, I hit that number years ago and haven't looked back! I do admit that I've decided that I have to focus, even if it is just for the summer and write some projects down on a list so I can make sure to finish something! :-) Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  2. And then there's blogging. I spent too much time on the computer when I could be finishing. But if I'm not here, where would I get all the ideas for the next 50 projects?!?

    1. Oh right I didn't think of blogging! Hahaha - so true Sunny. Where would we get our next 50 projects?

  3. I think I can group all my excuses into 2 words -
    Just Because.
    Keep on quilting!!

    1. Hahaha - I really love that answer! It's really the only one we need right?

  4. No finger pointing coming from this direction since I fall into the "same boat" category. What a lovely wall hanging... so totally crushing on the hidden turtles.

    The reason that I have so many projects is that I run into size issues or design issues. I have two quilts in progress that have been sitting on the backburner because I decided to enlarge them and simply lost steam. They are back out now, and I hope to work on quilting them soon. A third project is started because I cut fabrics for the first two quilts to take on vacation with me, and I didn't want to pull out the already cut pieces until I was actually on vacation, so... what was I to do?... start another one!

    Greetings from Germany!

  5. Yeah - your right, I've run into the size issues before also. I had forgot about that. And I just have to laugh at your solution of cutting out another quilt. LOL just too funny. It certainly does make sense to me - and yes, I've done that before too!

  6. Linda you are so funny! Oh and how I understand your reasons, despite the chuckles. You are right, we all are like that. I wouldn't have it any other way, would you?