Friday, March 28, 2014

My New Blouse

A little something about me that you didn’t know -  I used to live in North Carolina and I used to sew all my clothes (Except Jeans – I never had the desire to go there!)  Well, back then I always wore dresses – I just like dresses and they were cooler, I liked the breeze on my legs.  So then I moved to Italy – and you know what?   I couldn’t find very many clothes that I could wear – so I continued to make my own clothes and clothes for my daughters. 
Then I moved back to the States – land of the malls and sales!  And I found quilting and life was good. 

 Recently, however, I’ve been itching to be stitching up some clothes.  Only this time I thought I would try making my own pattern.  Oh what fun!

I wore this to work and received so many compliments.  I do like the fabric.  It's a simple blouse but I'm really happy to have made it with my own pattern. 

 Oh it's not the best picture - but my dear husband took it and I'm just happy that he did as he was super busy that day.  
Thanks for all your suggestions for Rosanna's Etsy store - she decided on RoxyRose Art.
So now I'm off to find more fabric for another blouse. Maybe this time I'll make cap sleeves.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Aren't you the clever one? I always hated sewing clothes, and admire anyone who can. Very cute blouse!