Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October - My List of Wants & Desires

AHHH  October

Don't you just love October?
The fall weather finally reaches Bakersfield in October.
And that's when I start fantasizing about pumpkins.

I have to wait until it's cool enough so I can start baking pumpkin goodies; cakes, pies, biscuits. Whatever! I don't care as long as it's pumpkin. 
pumpkin donuts - The Frugal Girls
Have you seen Pinterest with all it's 
Pumpkin Goodness?
Pumpkin Pancakes - Something Sweet Something Salty

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Okay, since I can't decide, let's talk about sewing and October's list.

Look how much I gotten done on the stocking? 
I wonder if I can finish this up - I'm at item number 66 and I have 110 items to do. Maybe, just maybe I can complete this if I work every day on it. 

Help Miss Scarlett, and Miss Violet work on their stockings.
It will be fun working with them. And we could make some pumpkin dessert too! 

And last of all, I'm going to do TWO, yes two! BOM on my Terrier Town quilt.
Block #9 & Block #10
I would like to get this quilt finished before I get busy with the holidays.

So what's on your list?

Happy Stitching, 

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  1. Oh My! You've got a lot done on the stocking since the last time you showed us. and how fun that the girls are making stockings, too! I want some pumpkin donuts, please.

  2. I'm loving your stockings Linda! So cute! I'm with Sunny.. pumpkin donuts, YUM! I have put pumpkin in pancakes before and it's good, too. So it's finally cooling off in "BAKE"rsfield? They don't call it that for nothin' do they? ;)