Thursday, October 31, 2013

Good News

Hey Everyone!  It's me!
 I just wanted to stop and tell you my good news.

I'm still being transferred - but my job will not be eliminated.
Isn't that a relief? 

And...I've been reading a great book.  
It's a mystery and it's about quilts.  What more could you want?
I really like Clare O'Donohue's books.  She has a nice easy going style.  Her characters are interesting and the plot moves along at a nice pace.  Just a joy to read.  I do recommend her new book The Double Wedding Ring.  Her main character is Nell, a quilter and hobby sleuth. In this book she is looking for a murderer.  I do like that some clues are laid out for the reader to guess who the murderer is, but not so easy that the book is predictable.  I didn't guess the murder in this story - maybe next time.  O'Donohue also has sub-stories being played out - those are as interesting and the main story.  

And...I cleaned my oven.  
Yep, I know it doesn't sound that exciting but a sparkling clean oven
is so enjoyable.
(Oh darn! I can't get the photo of my shiny oven to upload. I'll update this later if I can get it to work.)

And I did some machine applique - so fun.  But can't get those to load either. :-(  

Ta Ta for Now,



  1. Well that is good news for you indeed. Thanks for the book recommendation too, I'm off now to Amazon!

  2. Good news! I am very glad for you! Hey, great book recommendation - thanks!

  3. OMG! How did I miss this post?!? SO happy to hear your job isn't being eliminated. And congrats on the clean oven. We're so easily amused. Hope things settle down in the near future and you find your way back to blogging.. Miss you!