Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BOM #6, #7, #8 are coming along!

Are you wondering if I worked on my Terrier Town Blocks?

Yes I did!

Are you wondering if I finished all 3?

Well, no, I didn't.

But I'm so happy with what I finished.

I was so hesitate to try and make those Scotties into Ratties.
But I started with a good foundation that Rosanna drew for me. (THANK YOU Rosanna!)
Added spots in just the right places and 


There go my 3 little ratties romping across the block. 

I need to add a little dark nose on each one. Do you know what kind of pen should I use?

I also finished up block # 8. This one I chose to leave as a Scottie.
I still need to machine embroider these. 

I know it's unbelievable but I also worked on BOM #7
Which are actually 4 different blocks.
I still need to cut the rick rack for stems, iron down everything and machine embroider it.
Sounds like fun right?

What kind of fun are you having?



  1. Linda, they look great! I love the transition to the ratties. I've known folks to use fine-tip Sharpie on noses/cheeks/lips/etc. Or you can go buy a fabric permanent ink marker.

  2. Hey - how did I miss this post? Your little ratties are very cute. You're making great progress, so just keep moving forward.

  3. your dogs are so much fun! I miss my dog.

  4. Your dogs are so cute! Your friend did a great job changing Scotties to Ratties!