Thursday, April 25, 2013

Women Working

We've been working on our Christmas Stockings.
It's best to start early on things like this. Right?

Back row - My sis, Connie and then me
Front row - Scarlett, Violet and Rosanna
On the TV in the background they are holding up a sign that says "Men Working" - sort of funny Huh?
So that's were my title came from.


And having fun!

Happy Stitching,

PS  Oh look there's Troy in the background - but he's not working, he's playing on a phone.  Just like a guy!


  1. looks like fun! and little Troy in the background is adorable.

  2. Violet is so stinking cute. Great photo of you all together. I bet working on your stockings together and with your family is just the best. how nice!