Monday, April 22, 2013

Little Surprise for my Sissie and my Daughter.

Before we went on our Family Camping Trip.  I made a little surprise for my sister and daughter.  Since we are working on the Bucilla Christmas Stockings I made them each a needle case.
The dragonfly is for my daughter, Angela.  And the scottie is for my sister. I shrunk it down from the Terrier Town BOM that I'm doing.  
 The inside is just felt cut with pinking shears. And sewn in with rick rack.

I love making these as they are so quick and easy.  It was the night before we left on the camping trip and it was way past my bedtime, but I figured it I could make the scottie needle case in an hour Sis would get it and if not, I would have to mail it to her.  The Scottie took 55 mins! So I was able to surprise her with it. 

I loved the beach and the waves. And watching the birds in the waves.  The sandpipers are so cute running back and forth.

The cranes were so pretty.

I love them in flight too - it was hard to get good picture; the wings blend with the waves.

Lucky us! My son-in-law asked us to meet him in Morro Bay this weekend for dinner.  It's a surprise for  my daughter. It's their 5th wedding anniversary! Maybe I'll take my real camera this time!

Happy Stitching!
Nicey Linda


  1. What Nicey pictures!! You did a great job with the needle cases, I'm sure they were happy to receive them.

  2. Cute needle cases!
    Great photos! I love the beach, birds and waves.