Monday, September 17, 2012

Troy and my Civil War Blocks.

Over the weekend I finished up the last three Civil War blocks. 
 Although for some strange reason I only took a picture of one.  My daughter came by and told me her favorites are the star blocks.  So fun to learn what others like. 

Here's a picture; I forgot to take one with all the blocks.   See -there is one missing in this picture. 
My next step is to get them out from under the chairs and arrange the sampler blocks. Right now they are just thrown in willy-nilly.  
Oh and they don't look this neat anymore, because when Rosanna came over so did little 2 year old Troy. Believe me when I say they are really a mess now!  He ran through them, scattering them every which way, flipping blocks on top of each other, creating holes where blocks ought to be. I told him "Troy, don't stand on my quilt".  I didn't really care, I just said it to see what he would say.  He outfoxed me. He found a spot of carpet in the middle of the blocks - and stood there, all pleased with himself.  Right. He's standing where a block ought to be, but now it's carpet - so technically he's not standing on the quilt!  That little boy just makes me laugh!
Happy Stitching,


  1. I really LOVE that civil war block! Very pretty. Love the fabrics you are using. The chain your other blocks form is so cool.

  2. I really like your civil war block and all the blocks that I see there. What fabric are you using, one of Barbara Brackman's? I'm working on a Civil War reproduction fabric quilt, mine isn't as pretty as yours and it's just strips, but I can't wait to see it completed as well as yours when you have it done. I just love that era's fabric designs.

  3. awww What a little sweetie that Troy is! And your blocks are beautiful! This is going to be one gorgeous quilt! love it, love the colors!

  4. Sew nice to see your blocks before they were scattered by sweet Troy.. Love him!!!

  5. You will have an amazing quilt when you get it all together! Troy sounds like he brings lots of happiness with him ;)

  6. Beautiful CW your fabric combinations.This will be a treasured quilt when you are finished!!!

    I'm new to your blog and will visit you again, soon!

    :) Carolyn