Friday, September 7, 2012

More Fabric - The Answer to any Dilemma

I had a terrible dilemma, I had run out of this fabric for making my alternating blocks. And I  had only half the number of blocks that I needed. 
I purchased this fabric over a year ago.  No way would the fabric store still have any left.  I fussed and thought trying to incorporate another fabric. I fussed and thought some more, but none of my ideas wouldn't work not with the amount of green fabric I had.  I really wanted to keep the same design. I like the secondary pattern the alternating blocks make with the Civil War blocks. I sure didn't want to start over with another fabric and make all those blocks again.  So knowing that it was hopeless I went to the fabric store at lunch today. And Surprise! Surprise!  (Do you all remember Gomer Pyle?)   They had 1 yard left!!! (On Sale!)

Now who is ready to cut fabric and make blocks?   ME!

Happy Cutting and Stitching!

Wait! Wait!  I have more to tell you.  My husband went with me to the store.  He was looking at fabric and talking about making another quilt.  He told me he wanted to make a Fat Quarter Quilt, I told him  "You don't even know what a Fat Quarter is".  He said "Yes I do!", and took me straight to the fat quarters. Yikes!  I think he's been listening to me after all.  I suppose if he knows what one is, he should make a quilt from them.  We'll need a different shopping trip so he can take his time picking out his fabric.  


  1. That is awesome that you could find the same fabric. Bonus! Your hubby is so cute. I love it!

  2. Wow how cool that you found the fabric you needed - that is so rare! Can't wait to see your hubby's quilt!

  3. Be still my heart - a properly trained hubby! Can't wait to see what fabric he chooses. I'm so glad you found your fabric. I needed a small piece of something a while back, and posted it on my blog. I received links to a couple of online stores, and found exactly what I needed. So don't forget to ask the cyber world if you need fabric.

  4. If you need some more of that fabric I have a piece that is just over 1/2 yard. I would be happy to send it to you. Sounds like you need to get busy on that fat quarter quilt next :)

  5. You'll never believe it but I have some of that fabric too! It's around here somewhere. I think that it's very sweet that he wants to make a quilt! What fun!

  6. Hi, Linda. What luck with the fabric! When I run out, that's it. Loved the story about your husband. It had me imagining the bull in the china shop, but I'm sure he'll do better than that!
    best, nadia

  7. How lucky were you! Specially with it being on sale too.

    I'll look forward to seeing your DH's progress with a FQ quilt too.

  8. I love that your DH has been paying attention. Kudos to him and lucky you for finding that fabric. win-win!!

  9. I love when things like that happen! You must have been thrilled to find that yard of fabric! I'm very impressed with your DH and his quilty knowledge. But, does he know what fabric costst these day??? Hubby said to me when I won 3 charm packs recently, wow, that must be about $5 worth of fabric there - LOLOL!