Friday, June 22, 2012

Geese and a Bear

Sorry for the poor picture quality.
I've been quilting on Mark's Flying Geese quilt.  I have one row of the gold triangle completed and have started on the next one.  So my sweet little girl - says to me, "Oh I love that quilt!  It's ugly! All the colors don't match."  I'm thinking I better help her out with this one, so I say.."it's so...scrappy?"   "Yeah, Mom. Scrappy."    Better for her to say scrappy about her Dad's work than ugly!

I'm glad she likes it.  There's something about it, and I like it too.

We've been off having more adventures.   This time we went camping at Mammoth Lakes.
Did a little bit of hiking.  Did a little bit of fishing.   Did a little bit of being chased away from our fishing spot by a BIG Ol' BEAR!!! 
Not my picture - as my camera was with the bear, this one came off of Google Images.
 He had silently come up behind me and was about 10 feet away when Mark saw him and yelled "Bear!" He came into our fishing site looking for our fish.  We hadn't caught any yet - and we RAN away as the bear looked over our chairs and gear.  That was the end of our fishing for the day - we weren't going to try to fish with him around.  We circled back after he wandered off, collected our gear and hightailed it back to our trailer.  Talk about being scared!  My heart was still pounding even after we got back to our camping site! 

My family has this thing about bear stories, my stepfather has the best true bear stories, and now I've got one too.

I have a couple more vacation days I have to use.  I do hope there are no bears in Vegas!  

Happy Stitching,


  1. Definitely making memories! I just went back and read that the bears are google images or was the bear a Brown bear. We have too many Black bears in our area. It isn't uncommon to see one every few weeks on the edge of a field. My mom actually had one in the deer behind her duplex in town!

    I love your daughter's comment and your response. Scrappy is a great answer!

  2. Kids say the funniest things! The flying geese quilt is looking great! I love bear stories! We use to go camping every summer and we always came back with bear stories. Of course, they weren't always bears. Mama swore she saw a bear and it ended up being an old horse! We still tease her about that til this day! But on her behalf, it was night and everything was spooky. :)Have a great weekend! April @ Little Mama Hen

  3. I'm glad you can run fast!! And here all I thought campers had to worry about was bugs. and alligators.... Your quilt is scrappy!

  4. Love your daughter's comment about Dad's quilt. Priceless!

    Yikes!!! A bear!! Sadly it wasn't Yogi and Boo-boo. :-)

  5. My heart would have been coming out of my chest as well!!!!! Good thing your little doggies didnt get involved :) hugs

  6. Yikes!!

    My hubby is up north at the boundary waters for the week kayaking. He goes every year and was lamenting that he hasn't seen a bear yet. I would rather he DIDN'T!

  7. I have never seen a bear and have always wanted to. Harumph. I love Mark's quilt. That was good coaching on your part!