Friday, March 30, 2012

UFO: Kick in the Pants and Flying Geese

Kick in the Pants
I think that's what I should call this UFO.
It has been sitting in this box and on my list of UFOs to finish up for several years.
Now if I just had a Kick in the Pants I could get it out and sew on it.
Last weekend I finally got it out of the closet - that's step #1!  LOL
Took off the lid and thought "Oh yeah, it has green in it" I forgot it has been so long.
Good the instructions are right here too.
And see that little bity check? (I circled it in red so you could find it easier) - I was smart enough to make a check mark as I was making this.  Now I know where I left off. (Believe me I'm not usually that smart!)
Oh look here's the pattern too. That's right, I remember now, it's called Eternity.
Oh my gosh I don't believe this, I was actually smart enough to label the blocks as I made them.  
I promised myself I would work on it for 15 minutes per day. After all that is the suggestion for getting UFO's finished up.  We shall see it it works.  I did work on it on Sunday. 
In the meanwhile Hubby worked on his Flying Geese Quilt.
This was from Eleanor Burn's Flying Geese Quilt Book. I posted about it here. It is really cool because her method makes four geese at once and before we knew it he had all 36 geese made.
And then he was able to sew them in rows.  
In the meanwhile, I cut my blocks and ate peanuts.  Hey, what's a girl suppose to do when her husband is hogging the sewing machine?
The correct answer is drink beer too!  LOL!!

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. Get him his own sewing machine! Nice organization!

  2. I got a giggle out of the pattern being called Eternity.....*snort* You are REALLY organized, girl, I can't imagine ticking off where you'd left off, and labeling all your blocks - how clever you are! I agree with Quiet Quilter, get hubby is own machine, lol, he's going great guns with those geese. I'll have to try to find that Eleanor Burns book....four geese at once? Yes please, lol!

  3. So the question is, how well do you like your sewing machine. If you really love it, then you buy DH a machine. If you don't like yours, then you give it to him and buy yourself a fancy new one. Either way, you each need your own machine! Or he need to find a new hobby. Happy Quilting!

  4. Go Linda Go.....Go Linda Go!!!!!! I am so proud of you !!! Let's get em' done!!!! We can all do it!! Hugs

  5. I'm with Sunny - sounds like a new machine for one of you is something you can't ignore for much longer! Ilike the idea of just 15 mins a day on a project like that - maybe I should hunt through my cupboard too! (PS I like the titleof the quilt too - Eternity seems most apt!)

  6. Yes, I think drinking beer is the right answer there! That is just great. Way to go on getting forward motion on that UFO. Wow, you were quite organized! Haha!