Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sewing Room's New Name

Okay here it is, finally pictures of my cleaned up sewing room. It's not really my sewing room - it's really my ironing room as Gene Black calls his room, as I sew in the dining room and iron in this room. So are you ready?

I like having some empty space where I can hang my flannel to use as a design board. Or just use the floor space. I took out that big computer desk, computer and a bunch of junk. By the way that shelf on the wall is not crooked, it just looks that way in the picture.

I've seen a few sewing rooms on the internet and they are all lovely or cute and they make you wish you could just be in there sewing. But not my room. It's - well it on the bland side. Well, it's the truth. But I like it. It's mostly a playroom for the grandkids and it has a crib for the grandbaby.

My closet has organizers in them to keep more of those quilt fabrics and projects. When I shut the doors everything looks nice and neat. I'm happy with my room. It's so much better than before!


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  1. Wow - your sewing room looks GREAT! I don't think it's bland - it's spacious - and I like that! You did a great job organizing - such a great job, I think you should come to my house and help me out LOL! Really, it looks great Linda!