Thursday, May 21, 2020

Rolling Instead of Frolicking

  Do you know what happens when you have a silly dog 
and you are trying to measure the length of your quilt?

She lays right smack dat on the tape measure.
 And rolls around 
 becoming a blur.
Gotta love her!

I made this little dress for my daughter's soap bottle.
It was much fun to make with the rick-rack and ruffle.

We decided you have to be old to appreciate this type of thing.
Then my 15 year old granddaughter busted our theory - telling us she loves it too.  Or maybe we just raised her right. hahaha

Happy Stitching,
Have fun staying home.  



  1. Oh I do love the photos of your darling helper...
    Cute apron for the soap bittle...

  2. Such a sweet pup! Such a beautiful quilt! Sweet apron, too.