Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Special Present -

Sometimes it is just so strange how things work.

After my mother passed, my sister and I went to her house and kept a few token things to remind us of her.

Well, now three years later....I get a call from the son that had liquidated the assets. He had kept the sewing machine and cabinet for me.  WHAT??  Did he know I sewed?  Did my mom tell him I did at some point?  I did see the machine and cabinet while there but had no way to get it to my house 12 hours away.

Of course I JUMPED at the chance to get the machine and the next day drove up to get it.  I only had to drive 2 hours north as he was down for his work and brought the machine.  YAY!!

So here she is - not an expense machine. I like that it is a Brother and light weight. 
And the cabinet
The cabinet has a nice mechanism that raises and lowers the machine easily.
And thread holders!
Right now it is in my garage - until this weekend when I make room for it.

Strangely, this came right around my birthday - so I consider it a birthday gift from my mom.

 In my "About Me" profile (to the right of this main text), I talk about my mother and wanting to sew on her machine.  I feel very blessed to receive this gift. I like the way God planned this out.  Do you think they were conspiring together?

Now let's go sew!
 Thanks Mom!


  1. Oh yes, quite definitely your sweet mum and God have had a little chat about you and her sewing machine and that it should be in your clever hands. How fabulous that this sweet sewing machine and you are now together. She is a beauty. I can't wait to see what magic you imagine on this little beauty. Love, love, love this story, Linda.

  2. What a lovely surprise gift - great memories and a brilliant cabinet too. xx

  3. Such a fantastic gift from your Mum of the machine and cabinet...I'm sure she's happy you now have it.. enjoy..

  4. Love your gift of the sewing machine and cabinet and how you got it---that makes is sooo very extra special--and right near birthday time!!
    luv, di

  5. How awesome! You will so enjoy sewing with that little machine, and thinking of your mom while using it. what a treasure! And Happiest of Birthdays.