Saturday, August 19, 2017

Working Those Waves

I have all my blocks finished!

And then I sewed up some rows

And then I sewed those rows together....
and noticed that BIG GLARING ERROR.
(last wave block on the third row - right hand side.)

I could live with the little errors on the first wave block on the top and the second wave block on the second row.  But not that last wave.  So I checked on the rows and I have a total of 4 blocks to re-do.  Bummer Man - Bummer.

And to get these was a work out - Marzipan came getting in the way! As were my toes. 
As were my toes. 

At least this was a good picture of her face.
 So off to my machine I go. LOL


  1. Well--it took me a minute or two to find the 'opps' waves--otherwise the quilt is really cute--like those turtles--good job-
    and what a 'fun' helper you have!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. Oh NO! πŸ™ˆ Don't you hate that.. at least you hadn't sewn the rows together...
    The turtle 🐒 will be gorgeous when finished and the fabrics for the waves are perfect...
    How cute is Mazipan... 🐾🐾

  3. Oh no! Reverse sewing. Not my favorite thing, but sometimes necessary. It's going to be gorgeous. I love the combination of the waves and the turtles.

  4. I'm sure I spend as long unpicking as I do making

  5. I've made about 3 snails trail bocks and had to unpick several!! That turning thing in the blocks gets confusing!! :-) Those wave blocks sure look good with the turtles: it's going to be a fun quilt!! Hugs, H

  6. The blocks are beautiful Linda, but how annoying to discover errors after all your careful work of sewing!

  7. Don't you just hate it when your eyes spot a glaring error. Loving those turtles. I am supposing you and your unpicker are going to be best friends for a day or two. Seriously though, this quilt is going to be fabulous!

  8. I never noticed the "oops" until you pointed the out. It is a fun quilt! I love the turtles and the waves. The quilt blocks are amazing.

  9. Awww she's so cute, your little helper! I would hate to re-do the blocks, but I'd hate it even more if I didn't do them...I didn't see it at first.

  10. I didn't noticed the 'mistakes'. I am sorry that you have to redo such pretty blocks, but you are working with lovely colours. That should help a little.


  11. The turquoise Snail's Trail blocks grabbed my attention. Pretty colors. Creative quilt.