Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some Before & After Pictures

So - I don't think I told you that my sister is coming out to visit.

And of course that means - I gotta get things cleaned up for her. 

I'm going to turn my sewing room into a guest room.

And this Closet needs HELP!

Here's my "after" picture.

I've been busy spring cleaning the whole house.  It's actually been fun.  I made a HUGE list and I've been just working my way through it and now I'm down to 6 items.  YAY!

And I've even taken the time to sandwich and pin Angela's quilt.
The blue is the masking tape.

I've cleaned my machine out - first time since I bought Janey Mae (my new Skyline Janome machine).  

It has a one step plate converter - meaning NO SCREWS to remove the plate. 
I had forgotten about this - and you would have died laughing at the puzzled look on my face - wondering where are the screws?  How do I get this darn thing off to clean the bobbin area?

I had to go find my manual - which I couldn't find for the longest time in my nice clean sewing - er I mean guest room.

Imagine my surprise - it just a little lever.
Pop! And the cover plate is off.  Wow!!  Sew Cool.  Sew Easy.
I love it!

Wait!  That's not all.

I watched Lily the other day - she has just turned two.

Well....I let her play with my phone.
And with out me knowing anything about it, she posted a picture to my Facebook!!!
Somehow she changed it to black and white and wrote that gobblygook.

Life if fun isn't it?

Happy Sewing,


  1. Now I know the story about the pic on FB! Can you please come clean my house when you're finished with yours? I've been working hard on getting rid of "stuff" but I still have a long ways to go. Have fun quilting Angela's quilt. I'm quilting today!

  2. Great work on the closet Linda, I bet you found some things you'd forgotten you had!!
    I hope you enjoy your sisters visit - & boy your GD is a clever girl to get to FB and post that!

  3. Looking forward to spring cleaning--your quilt is beautiful

  4. Wanna come spring clean my house?

    What a lovely picture of Lily, she is gorgeous.