Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Progress - And Texas Teardrop QAL

Have you noticed that I haven't posted my progress on my blocks.  I just don't know what's wrong that I'm not working on them.  I was thinking this morning, "I'm just in a slump - nothing a new project wouldn't cure."   I told myself  "NO - No new projects."   (Just between you and me, I'm not a very listener.)

And then I read a blog post at Down the Avenue, where I saw this Texas Teardrops Quilt Along by Vicki at Quilting Lodge.
 I'm really excited about this so don't go busting my bubble by reminding me I just said "no new projects"!

Okay you have to admit that it's a really pretty and unique quilt.  Are you with me on this?  Shall we do this one?  It starts in April and Vicki has a flicker group for it.

Nicey Linda


  1. Don't feel bad. I not only don't listen to myself, I forget I ever said it......giggle.

  2. Who could resist such a pretty quilt, I say "Go for it,"' but then again I always get in trouble listening to myself.

  3. I think you made an excellent decision to make this quilt! Are you feeling the mojo yet??

  4. That is a beautiful looking quilt and very similar to one I'm making myself.

  5. Oh, I really love it. Hmmmm....I have started about 5 new quilts lately. Kill me now. I want to do this one, too! LOL.

  6. I say go for it! Sometimes a new beautiful project is just the cure for a slump...and this is a beauty!!