Tuesday, January 29, 2013

After the Block

Do you ever do this, finish up a block - and just quit?  

Well, what do I think will happen? The quilt will design & sew itself together?

So here's what I've been doing instead


There's nothing like getting away from it all.  We choose to do that by camping.  One of the girls in the office made a face when I told her about our plans.  She said she only does condos.  hehehe (I thought that was really funny.)

I like our trailer, we get out our little grill make dinner and drink a beer or two, enjoying the scenery.  For us that is so relaxing.
Each day we get out and walk. Then go do something, which is usually hiking around. We were camped near Palm Springs.  Palm Springs is loaded with Palm Trees - it's so neat. Even the Hwy is lined with them. 
You can tell this picture was taken through the windshield - but it's not too bad. At least the windshield is clean.  Later that night a flock of bird used the truck for target practice.  LOL

If you are ever in Palm Springs you must take the tram.  It's the world's 2nd highest and it's really a trip!  We went up over 8,500 feet.
We took the first tram up that morning - there were only about 8 on the tram - so we had the whole area to ourselves to hike around. It was so beautiful, peaceful and quiet.
We also had the opportunity to see Marilyn.  She is touring the U.S. and had just come from Chicago.  I have to admit she was gorgeous with mountains in the background - and was she ever BIG.
One funny thing was all the older men - 60 and over would look up her skirt and make funny faces, the younger guys would just stand beneath her.  

We also hiked up to the 62 foot water fall.  It was a bit of a tough hike.  I was glad it was only 79 degrees that day!  Up at the fall it was very cool. 

We also found a 100 store outlet and we walked by every single one and ended up buying only three items.  Sounds about right for us. 

Oh, before I end this post I wanted to show you the trailer next to ours.

Isn't that just too cute?

Next post should be about stitching,


  1. what a great vacation, it's good to get away from time to time

  2. What a great vacation! You're kind of killing us who live in winter climates right now, though, you know....standing there in short sleeves and grilling. I might have to hurt you for that one. ;-) Looks like a great time.

    And yes, I do just sew a block and quit sometime, but you already knew that about me! LOL.

  3. what a perfect vacation! I like th esightseeing, hiking, and a little shopping thrown in. Hope you're all rested up, and ready to tackle that gorgeous quilt block!!

  4. Looks like you are having a really fun time:):) The photo of your hubby under Marilyn is just tooo funny :):):) hugs

  5. We did that tram by Palm Springs several years ago and it was a wonderful experience. The view was amazing. Thanks for letting us share just a little of your vacation.

  6. Looks like a great holiday, Linda, but I must admit I am a bit confused... are those your winter temperatures in your part of the country?