Friday, October 12, 2012

Last week we took off, driving from California through Arizona to New Mexico. 
We stopped in Williams, Arizona - we do every time we travel this way.
We went to Albuquerque, New Mexico to see the Balloon Fiesta.  It is an International Event. And there are people from all over the world setting up balloons or being spectators (like us).  
It is so fun to be on the field watching them fill the balloons up with hot air -and then struggling to right that balloon so that it can lift off.  Believe me it's a lot of work. 
Balloons getting ready for lift off. 
The crowd will cheer and clap as each balloon is lifts off the ground. It takes several hours to get the sky filled with balloons.  They are so pretty! There's just nothing like it.
Not all the balloons are typical balloon shape.  Many are special shapes.
Here's spidey pig.  I can't help but love him.
And here's a stage coach.  So cool. 

There are also Zebras - People that help keep the balloonists and the crowds safe.
They do a good job, and are always super friendly. 
But you better listen to them - or they will throw you off the field. 
So that's where I've been,  
visiting with my in-laws in Albuquerque and 
enjoying the Balloon Fiesta. 



  1. You are lucky to have seen the balloons--they have cancelled (because of too much wind) every day I have planned to go. Tonight, most if the state is under a severe storm warning or tornado warning. I am now hoping it all calms down for the last day on Sunday ... my new plan

  2. Would love to go to a balloon fiesta, only ever seen them on the TV, they looks such fun!

  3. Oh, that is so cool! I love that first photo of the balloons with the people in the foreground. It's a lifelong dream of mine to go on a balloon ride. Have you ever been?