Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I just love feathers.  I think it would be wonderful to be able to quilt beautiful feathers on my quilts.  I intend to practice on Mark's Flying Geese quilt.  It's great to have a quilt that you like but aren't worried about to practice on. 
While I'm waiting for my books to come in, I'm practicing using a page of feathers from Judy Allen.  (From Quiltmaker May/June 08)  Aren't these so graceful?  Practicing drawing these are just what my tired brain needs.  Work has been hectic lately. 

Earlier this week I had my puzzle almost completed, when I realized I was missing a piece!!
Oh My!  Why oh why does this happen to me?  
I looked and looked for it.  I even thought a bad word.  I finally gave up and started dusting all my chairs.  I have chairs with lots of scrolly stuff and looking for the piece only made me realize they were dusty.  And when I finished and all hope was gone - I found it under the lazy boy in the living room.  Now how did that happen?  Oh who cares!  I FOUND IT!!
My Wayward Piece
I put it in it's own special little spot!
My Wayward Piece in it's home
Yea!  That puzzle is done!!  I took a picture of the finished puzzle but blogger won't accept it.  I'm sure you don't mind.  

Happy Stitching
 (while I go back to drawing feathers)
Nicey Linda


  1. Beautiful feathers! I could send out a few quilts for you to practice on. I'm glad you found your puzzle piece. How aggravating to be missing one tiny little piece.

  2. Practice makes perfect! I'd like to learn Baptist Fans myself. Every time I quilt or bind, I can tell I am getting just a little bit better.

    I love doing puzzles. I have done two with my daughters that we've gotten framed. I would not recommend that, though, because they seem to run non-standard sizes so you have to get a custom job, which costs a ton.

  3. Your story about the puzzle piece is great. Made me laugh. Good luck with the feathers. Yes, that's an enviable position to be in...having a quilt you like but aren't afraid to work on! You're making such good progress on your FMQing. Wish I could say the same!

  4. Those feathers are just GORGEOUS. Glad you found that puzzle piece, that drives me nuts, lol!

  5. Good luck with the are braver than me...I would try but I just dont. Maybe one day!! Hugs

  6. I love feathers, too. Not that I can quilt them...Yet...Maybe someday.

  7. Hi, Linda. I agree with everyone else--feathers are beautiful. It's a pity, though...every quilt should be one you like and that you're not afraid to work on and experiment on. Who cares if the stitches are a bit uneven here and there? Adds personality! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. And I love those puzzles too, but now do mosaics instead. Same satisfaction, but I have a useful flower pot at the end.
    best, nadia