Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

I was thinking about this yesterday - I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas - yet there are others that don't celebrate Christmas. 

For those of you that celebrate Hanukkah, I'm wishing you all a wonderful and happy Hanukkah!!

Remember how I said I had to hit the books?  Well, that didn't happen last night.  Of course not! I started quilting Violet's quilt instead.  That's a lot more fun!  I quilted from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm.  I'm a very slow quilter.  LOL!!

All I did was stitch in the ditch last night.  I'll do free motion quilting on the border maybe tonight.  I thought it was kind of funny because you can't really see the stitch in the ditch so Hubby couldn't see where I had been quilting until I turned it over and showed him the back.  I personally like other types of quilting better - but I haven't quilted a bigger quilt yet and wanted to do something simple.  I wanted to practice moving all that bulk of the quilt under the needle and in the space of my sewing machine and not having puckers in the back.



  1. Great job! My hubby made the same comment recently when I stitched in the ditch! They just don't 'get' it. It's a beautiful quilt.

  2. Very thoughtful. I was trying to explain Hanukkah to my daughter last night. It was hard...

  3. Very beautiful quilt! A good distraction from studying...

  4. How pretty Linda! And, I'm with ya - quilting is a great distraction from anything we'd rather not be doing!